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Ghost Rider (50cm)

Ghost Rider (50cm)

A full colour pattern featuring a skeleton on a motorcycle with flaming wheels - just made us automatically think of the Ghost Rider films, hence the name...

Film Width: 50cm

Recommended Base: White

Ghost Rider (50cm)
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Whenever possible, we will supply your order in one continuous roll.

The quantity you order is the length of the roll when unrolled, the width is as specified in the title of the item. For example, if you order 3 of a 100cm wide pattern, you will receive a single roll, 100cm wide and 3 metres long when unrolled.

Orders of 5m or more will be supplied on a plastic core to aid with unrolling and storage.

We seal our film in a plastic sleeve with a dessicant pack to help protect against moisture, and we make the sleeve a little longer than needed so it can be resealed or clipped closed, so you can use it as and when you need.


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