Are You A Dipper?

When your customers ask you about catalogues, designs available, how something looks, you can send them here to

This way you save the time involved in having to keep your own websites, facebook pages etc up to date so you can concentrate on doing the dipping work you're really there for.

Your customer can then see a huge range of patterns, many on different bases or on work done by other professionals, which will give them a much better idea of how a job can turn out, and they can bring you a product code so there's no chance of confusion about which pattern they mean, resulting in less re-work and happier customers first time - everyone wins!


Are you getting something dipped or customised?

This site is simply about keeping things simple - have a browse through the hundreds of patterns available, click through the different images of each pattern (we're always adding more but there are still some with just the pattern swatch for now). When you find something you like, something which will work for you, simply give the code at the bottom of the image to your Hydrographics specialist and you can be 100% sure that you end up with exactly the pattern you chose, minimising confusion and delays, and making things run more smoothly for everyone...