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Acid Green Camo (100cm)

Acid Green Camo (100cm)

Another little twist on the ever popular real-tree style camouflage - this one has a bright acid-green background for when you don't REALLY want to blend in...

These patterns are printed on a higher quality, 30% thicker PVA film so you get less distortion and they're particularly good for larger  dips as a result.

Film Width: 100cm

Recommended Base: Light and bright - can't go wrong with white or a light tan

The films in the Premium Generic category are all printed on a higher quality thicker 40mµ PVA film which makes them particularly suitable for larger flatter items as they maintain the shape and spacing of the pattern even better than a standard film. As a result these film often benefit from a slightly extended soak time and may require a little more activator than usual.

Acid Green Camo (100cm)
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